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Promotion is the life of P.O.D Communications Inc.!

Promotion is a way of marketing communications and the center of communications.

The origin of promotion comes from pre-move, which means “moving it forward”.
P.O.D Communications Inc. has lots of experience that can appeal to consumers, making companies to move forward.
The former president of the International Advertising Association (IAA), Joe Cappo, said, “The fun of advertisements has already disappeared.”
Due to changes in the marketing environment, including increasing media costs and market segmentation, you can no longer expect the best effects by communicating only through the existing mass media. As a result, there has been emphasis on non-mass media communications as an alternative for communications, while experts have turned to shed new lights on below the line (BTL) sales promotion tools or value-up activities like exhibitions, events, sports sponsorship, PR, DM, TM, PPL, CRM and PRM.
We will not stop at this and strive to become a cross-the-line leader that covers the full spectrum of ATL and BTL.
By establishing integrated marketing strategies that are not limited to fixed areas, we will work towards making your brand stronger.
As a professional marketing communications agency that pursue our client’s dream by looking at the world through our client’s eyes, we will be a reliable partner for our clients with unstoppable passion.

The CEO of P.O.D Communications Inc., Jung Woo Lee