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Meeting challenges instead of avoiding them.

MICE Industry
MICE industry, including Meeting, Incentives, Convention and Events & Exhibition, is one of the most competitive businesses currently around the world. It is seen as a golden goose and a golden industry without chimney, to be recognized as a new growth engine led by the government. It has developed into convergence services industry that can create new added value together with other related industries.
Marketing & Sales Promotion
Among the most important goal of companies is to increase sales. In today’s era where price sensitivity has increased due to product standardization, it is necessary to have sales promotion activities that can measure performances easily, as well as emotional activities that can establish corporate images. These marketing communication activities have increased short-term revenues from BTL, but now the concept has widened to IMC and CTL, to become a very important part of improving relations with customers.
Service Design
Due to the innovation of new technologies, it has now become meaningless to have product, personal and image differentiations for the company’s growth. Therefore, intangible assets like services and brands have become more important, making it important to make designs to interact with customers and bring out changes in customers’ behavior.
After entering the smart age, consumers have gotten smarter. As a result, it has become even harder to move the consumers who consider marketing activities promoting products and companies like in the past as a way of making money. Therefore, marketing activities that provoke emotions by emphasizing on public activities or cultures have become the trend, while it has become more important to have a strategy that integrates various channels into one campaign, to create synergies from marketing.