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First marriage (初緣)
Become a person who values the ties between one person and another person.
First appearance (初演)
Become a person who remembers the passion from the first time.
Attracting people (招延)
Become a person who work towards being in the center of all things and being followed instead of chasing after others.
Masterful person (超然)
Become a person who is mature regardless of the situation one faces and maintaining calmness at all times.
Invitation to a party or the party itself (招宴)
We want all of the people at P.O.D Communications Inc. to work as if they are holding a party.
Areas of application
BTL Overall management and operation for international conferences, promotions, exhibitions and events
Management support Efficiently implementing various works to support business administration
Designer Implementing various works on printed materials and decorations for event halls
PD Producing promotional and event videos
AE Drawing up various plans to improve promotional effects by analyzing the environment and establishing suitable strategies
1. University graduate or graduate-to-be
2. A person completed military duty or exempted from military service who can travel overseas.
3. A person has majored in relevant fields or fluent in foreign language.
Documents for submission
1. A curriculum vitae and a letter of self-introduction in one’s handwriting.
2. A copy of a certificate of graduation for the final school.
3. A copy of a transcript for university.
4. Other documents that may certify the qualification.