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Providing flexible working hours

If it is inevitable that you work a night shift, you don’t have to worry about the next day because of flexible working hours. It is okay to work over the weekend because you can apply for replace absence.

Supporting self-development through diverse experience

P.O.D Communications Inc. actively supports the self-development of its employees because it also results in the growth of the company. Besides supporting monthly fitness costs, we support improving artistic sense and developing confidence, while also sharing musical training time once every other week to promote collaboration between employees. Also, if employees want to study, we provide assistance with school expenses.

Overseas incentive tour

If you have worked hard, you deserve to travel abroad at the end of the year. Once every year, all of the employees are compensated for their passion shown throughout the year by going on an incentive tour, allowing you to enjoy traveling around the world and develop further through gaining more experience and rest.

Refresh Time & Get-Off Work on Time Day

If you want to go cherry-blossom viewing to Yeouido during the springtime, if you want to go outside to come up with good ideas, if you feel down without any reason, if you want to feel like a Parisien sitting outdoors at a coffee shop, then you can use one hour out of the week to carry out your wishes. Also, every week on Wednesday, you can get off work at five o’ clock. You don’t have to mind others and get off work one hour earlier at five.

Long-term Paid Vacation

“I know how hard and difficult it is for PCO to grow……” It’s been three years at the company and all passion has drained out, but you can get 15 days of paid vacation. It’s been 5 years at the company and it is time for you to strengthen your mindset. Therefore, you can get one month paid vacation. All of these are possible if you work for P.O.D communications Inc.