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Using the integrated form of the symbol mark and the logo type as the company’s representative CI.
Logo type
Pursue One’s Dream
Dream is the start of all things. Keep your hopes. Keep challenging your dream. The initial of P.O.D is ‘Pursue One’s Dream’, with the meaning of “pursuing our clients’ dreams”.
Symbol mark
Designed to symbolize insight, typhoon, the wavelength of water and galaxy, showing the corporate philosophy of P.O.D Communications Inc.
Color chip
Since the color system is an important factor of creating the corporate image with P.O.D Communications Inc.’s original color, it should be used as a principle in accordance with the following color regulation.
However, if it is unavoidable that colors should be changed due to circumstantial factors, including background color, etc., please refer to examples below.
  • #4b5eaa
  • #8b9ed1
  • #b9da89
  • #939597